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Realized and Ongoing Projects / Activities


Bakir Lashkari's short description of realized Projects (Topics):

Business Development Match Maker, Organizing Trade Missions, Speaker and Moderator at Congress and Events (2019)
Senior Executive Salea at CERRIX GRC GDPR AUDIT SOLUTIONS (2019)
Senior Editor, Moderator at Risk and Compliance Platform Europe (2018) 

The Certified GDPR / AVG - General Data Protection Regulation  for DPO (FG) - (2018) 

Rabobank Risk & Compliance Record Keeping (GDPR Compliancy)Implementation manager for setting up retention periods and the destruction of privacy-sensitive records in the context of the new GDPR legislation (Oct-Dec. 2017)

Avedos GRC - risk2value Implementation manager for various tools voor GRC/GDPR (upon request mainly in 2017)

Rabobank: Embedding Sustainability Risk in all core credit processes Rabobank, by Development of risk management and due diligence procedures. Improve and implement processes and IT tool GAIA ((2015 - 2016).

Rabobank: 1Shop4All - Centralization & Migration of all Purchasing / Procurement Subsystems to 1portal - SAP (2011-2013)
RBS / ABNAMRO: Unbundling of two organizations, including customer separation, customer migration, products, investment portfolios from different systems & data center locations (2009-2010)
Rabobank Financing, Compiling Risk & Compliance Guidelines, Creating Risk Team & Live Testing Business Continuity Management between Eindhoven & Utrecht (2008 - 2009)
SNS Bank: Integration data streaming for Basel II - IFRS - DNB Reporting for asset management, banking & insurance (2005 - 2007).
SNS Asset Management: Implementation SimCorp Dimension Tool for DNB FINREP COREP Basel Reporting (2005 -2007)
Bank Mendes Gans (ING): Implementation Basel II Reporting for FINREP COREP Cash Management (2006)
AEGON Asset Management: Relocation investments & migration all funds to Citibank in Dublin (2007 -2008).
ABNAMRO Investment Banking: Realization internal and external reports for RvB (1999 - 2000)
Achmea Global Investors (AGI): Restructuring Portfolios, Modification Custodian (2003-2004).Achmea Asset Management M & A to AGI: Realization of integrated internal external reports of investments (2003-2004)


Core Business Activities are:

The Risk, Compliance & Privacy Table Knowledge offers a qualitative online database with news, case studies and best practice articles on risk, compliance & privacy. This free information is used by many professionals to inform and orient a possible purchase or policy decision.

Do you want to publish your  news / case study / best practice article on the Risk and Compliance Magazines? Simply send an email to including your contact details and a brief summary of your proposed article. Our editorial staff will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the options for publishing your document / article over Privacyverklaring: Visitors to the Risk, Compliance & Privacy can submit any privacy news / case study / best practice article for free. This service is intended for those with a professional interest in risk , privacy and / or compliance.

This is usually my project environments at various client locations 2017 - 2019 

Bakir Lashkari was a moderator at the Behavioral Risk Congress 2018. Bakir is a versatile professional with a broad background. He holds several Masters in Business Administration in Leadership Dilemmas & Profitable Growth (IMD) and Marketing Access (INSEAD) and in PIM - Professional Interim Management (Nyenrode). He is Senior Consultant in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance.

He has worked in Banking, Insurance & Asset Management for over 20 years and is familiar with IT technology, project management and international contracts. Bakir Lashkari has a multicultural background with strong presentation and persuasiveness and regularly speaks at various international venues. He is a networker and has business experience on four continents and in various sectors.


Bakir Lashkari The Senior Risk and Compliance Officer and Senior Privacy (GDPR) Consultant (2019) 
Bakir Lashkari The Senior Editor and Moderator of Risk and Compliance Platform Europe 2017-2018